Our Mission

To provide the highest quality pharmaceutical care through the very best professional services and products, delivered by friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people.

To take on hot-button health care issues for optimizing medication use and improving patient health.

Our Values

Caring Neighbors

We are actively involved in community activities in meaningful ways to promote health and wellness. We are committed to reflecting the diversity of each community we serve.

Integrity in All We Do

We demonstrate high integrity and develop organizations with unquestioned levels of integrity - never compromising on the pressure of the day.


We are accountable for the standards we set

Compassion for our patients

We are passionately committed to our patients and all we serve.

Winning Through Teamwork

We work for the good of the whole not just the individual. We provide praise and encouragement to each other.

About Us

If you are searching for a customized medication that most U.S. pharmacies can't provide, there may be a simple solution. Compounding pharmacies mix drugs individually for patients that need, say, a smaller dose, different formulation, or different delivery mechanism than what is available at ordinary retail pharmacies. If you are allergic to a common medication ingredients such as gluten, cannot swallow pills due to a disability, or need to make a drug more palatable for a child or pet, Compounding Pharmacy Associates and Consultants (CPAC) might be your answer.


CPAC also counsels our patients with every medication we dispense to ensure maximum compliance, and monitors medication combinations to protect against unsafe drug interactions. Best of all, our prices are competitive - most are covered by private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid - so we can win and maintain your business!


Located just east of Los Angeles near Pasadena and San Marino area, CPAC offers a safe and easy alternative for patients needing customized medications. Our highly educated and experienced staff can meet any special request to ensure that you get the proper dose in the best formulation to comply with your physicians's instructions.


The prescriptions we provide are of the highest medical grade, and we stand 100% behind every prescription we fill. Our goal is to earn your long-term trust; if a prescription does not meet your standards, we will re-make it for you at no additional cost until you are completely satisfied.                         

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