Medication Therapy Management

We synchronize our patients’ chronic medications to be filled on the same day each month. Patients have the opportunity to have a 30-min session with our pharmacists. At each session, medications, lifestyles, and lab values are discussed with the pharmacist on duty.

Daily On-site Services

  • Blood Pressure Measurements
  • Education/Demonstration on the use of glucometers, inhalers, and diabetic pens.
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring

On-Demand Services

  • Vaccination
  • Contraceptive Counseling
  • Smoking Cessation Counseling


We offer non-sterile compounding services in all areas of compounding-pediatrics, dental, dermatology, veterinary, pain management and nutrition and sports Performance. Please click to review the compounds we provide.

Nutrition and Sports Performance Counselling

The NutriSync Test is designed to help you better understand your genetic nutrition and fitness goals. Targeting well-researched genes, the NutriSync Test focuses on key individual’s genetic profile that target how certain nutrients and specific exercises may be of benefit. These recommendations are based on over 20,000 peer reviewed published research scientific studies. Your NutriSync Action Plan translates the scientific research associated with your specific genetic variations to provide you with your unique lifestyle goals.

  • Each patient is asked to complete and submit an online dietary survey.
NutriSync provides a nutritional analysis of your dietary intake estimated from your online survey answers.
  • Each patient swabs inside of each cheek (2 swabs) at home and send them to laboratory for analysis. (Everything including prepaid shipping label is provided.)
Genetic testing in BodySync laboratories comply with high quality clinical testing standards as demanded by rigorous regulatory oversight. From each patient’s genetic results, genetically guided nutrition and exercise goals are recommended. NutriSync, then compares individual goals with the analysis of the online survey answers. This not only provides each individual, an actionable guide based on his/her unique genetic profile but compares it to his/her actual, current diet and exercise habits. The NutriSync tests guides the Health Care Professional to help your patient reach his/her unique potential of dietary and exercise programs.

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